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Local Sporting Clubs

Local Business

Local Jobs

The LSA is a group of 7 local, community minded, sporting clubs that manage the running of the club-rooms and  facilities located at the Leschenault Recreation Park.

Their aim is to provide a safe, welcoming and affordable venue for families while being accessible and open to all. The sporting pavilion known as "the PAV" is a family friendly community venue with a restaurant and licensed bar facilities.

Anyone can visit our venue as a guest and if you like what you've experienced you can apply become a member. As part of our liquor licence, membership is required to use the PAV's bar and restaurant facilities. Members receive discounts, special offers and access to events throughout the year. Just ask at the bar about becoming a member next time you visit. 

It costs just $1 per year to be a member.

By visiting the PAV you help support the sustainability of local sporting clubs.

You're also supporting local jobs with many of our junior kitchen staff being local students. 

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